Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Week 1 of training and other stuff.

This week started "official" training for the upcoming triathlon season. It has so far consisted of speed tests to set up my training pacing and heart rate zones for training. The swim test was to determine my average 100 yard pace over 700 yards. Not too bad. Then Azsure and I did a strength workout later that night. Ok. Yesterday, however, the fun began. The Threshold test on the bike. Basically, warm up for 10 minutes, the accelerate up to as hard as you can hold for 30 minutes. Yikes. I really had to talk myself into finishing because I was not going to make. I did though. Today, I am fairly sore but ready to go out and do my run threshold test which is just like the bike test, only running!. Yippee! I need to follow that up with a strength circuit too. F.U.N. This will hopefully all pay off in a leaner, stronger, faster Andrew this sumer.

I have started getting up this week about 30 minutes before the kids wake up to sit and think about my day. Meditate, if you will. I am trying to start my day off thinking about what is coming and what i need to focus on. I have been considering 5 specific things: My role as a husband, my role as a father, my eating, my exercising, then closing it out with a basic prayer for all things to be good in our lives and the lives of others. It takes about 10 minutes or so. I am hoping to increase my mindfulness about my world around me starting with myself and family and expanding outwards. Namaste.

My eating has been good, though it has only been 2 days. I have been shooting for a nutrient dense diet. Heavy on the greens and veggies, lower on the dairy and sugar, and staying away from junkie stuff. I feel like a cow chewing my cud at lunchtime with a salad as big as a pizza. I made some killer vegan Black Bean chili and ate that with eggs for breakfast as well as took some for post workout in E's star Wars lunch carrier. Yummy!

It's 60 degrees today in Bloomington. Nice. bring on the spring! I am ready for all things Spring and Summer!



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