Thursday, November 29, 2007

A new toy, and a new revulsion to Shallots and Broccoli

The first of the week brought many surprises to the Hedges household. From reading the last blog entry, you know that Ephram had a bout with what we thought was too much Thanksgiving sweets. After further investigation, I have deduced that he may have actually had some sort of flu bug type thing. My research which led up to this conclusion consisted only of the uncomfortable tightening of my stomach monday night and subsequent two days of dry heaving, moaning, cramping and begging for either mercy or death. My wife, not to be outdone, followed with the same just a few hours later. I cannot think of anything worse than having to deal with that sort of thing with both parents down and kids running wild. Luckily, my wife, who is much stronger than I was, was able to find a gentle soul to care for the kids while I writhed in the fetal position completely incapacitated. The bonus of the whole situation you ask? Rachael Ray's yummy Broccoli Cheese stuffed baked potatoes. A new favorite of ours made with sauteed shallots and cheesy gooeyness and tons of broccoli. Also, a meal in which even typing out makes me stomach begin to turn. I had an extra large helping on Monday night for dinner and go to enjoy it for the next two days. sssshudddddderrr........
Wednesday morning brought hope as , while pretty wiped out, I was able to get out of bed and get right with the world. I had been eagerly waiting for a new early Christmas present and didn't know when it would come because the store sent the wrong tracking number for UPS and all the info I received was "no information". I would have emailed the store back but was, as you know, curled in the fetal position begging for mercy......or death. However, when walking into the kitchen, I heard voices outside. It was the UPS guy with my package. A fancy 2004 Gretsch 6120 Hollowbody in Western Orange with a Tiger Flame Maple Body, or a new guitar if you will. My spirits were immediately lifted. It was all shiny and sparkly and had shiny gold knobs and all the good stuff. What was even better was that it was band practice night. When i plugged it in, oh baby! Monster crunch, tone city. Definitely worth every penny. no questions! Thanks to my lovely wife. That's all for now.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey day from the Hedges household. We had a great day begining with pumpkin pie for breakfast! I cooked for just the four of us and we proceeded to stuff ourselves at lunch after watching the Macy's parade. We then kinda laid around the house, Ephram and I finished putting up the Christmas lights on the house and then stuffed ourselves again at dinner. We had lots of food including turkey, Azsure's now famous twice baked stufed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, oreo cake, stuffing, mint M & M's, sweet taters, gravy and rolls. Ephram had a blast eating way too much and got way too much sweet stuff. The best part of the day? Ephram returned all of that good food at about 11:00pm last night and was up most of the night. That's right, a monster barf fest. The first covered him, his bed, and almost all of his bed time buddies. Monkey was the only one that came out clean. He barfed a few times after that and, if you know toddlers, they dont puke on anything that is easy to clean up so we have wet spots all over the carpet from cleaning. E is feeling better this morning but has not asked for anything to eat. I am quite worn out but the coffee is kicking in so the day looks promising.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

New to Blogging

I am new to blogging but have decided to do it with some inspiration from a friend who is in my Dad's playgroup. I hope to use this to remember some good stuff from my kids, maybe vent a little, and share my life with anybody who is interested. Lets see how it goes in the next few days.