Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am becoming clark griswald....

While the world falls down around me with financial catastrophe and other general economic crapification (yes, I like to make up words and that's a good one), I have noticed a change in my personality. While in my youth, as with many, I was concerned with image and being up on music and basic "I'm a cool guy" sort of thing, these days I have found something that trumps all of that and brings out the real fun loving dufus in me. What I am speaking of is the Family fun day. Its any weekend day where there is a real plan and destination to have fun with the kids and wife. I'm not just talking about a trip to the mall but and actual destination. This last weekend was the apple orchard where one utterance out of my mouth made me come to the realization that my life has changed in drastic ways since the arrival of my kids and my decision to stay home and take care of them. It was not anything midblowingly insightful about politics or art or economics (although therm "economic crapification" is pretty good). It was not about solving of the world problems or where we go when we die. It was "Wow! look at that pumpkin!!", look at that pumpkin..........It's not just the fact that I said wow look at that pumpkin, it was the fact that I really meant it. I had general excitement about this big pumpkin and really wanted Ephram to see it. I think in response he said I want a donut. anyway, it comes back to the fact that I am becoming Clark Griswald and Im not really too worried about it. I like family fun day. I like to pick apples and look at big pumpkins. Hell, I even dont mind too much that I had too haul 4 bags of apples a half mile to the car. I say too much..... Anywhoo, Im not sure when the next Hedges family fun day will occur but you can rest assured that I will be out and ready in black socks and sandals, fanny pack and all that good stuff. Actaully that last part was a lie, I only wear tshirts and cargo pants.

Friday, October 10, 2008

This is the end........of our elaborate plans the end....

If you have turned on the tv lately, it has been announced by the media that we have finally pulled the handle on the giant toilet and we are all starting the swirly decent into chaos or whatever the bottom has in store for us. I said to E the other day when he was in front of the tv "move and pay attention, this is historic". Anyway, holy smokes! what a mess!! One of the guys in the dads playgroup today hit the nail on the head when he said " I am waiting to turn on the radio one morning and only hearing static" That about sums it up. There is some evil side to me that appreciates the chaos and cant look away. Yet ,in the midst of this enormous credit crisis, I still get at least two credit card offers at day in the mail. So here is the big idea: why not let the a-holes filling my mail box with pre approved credit offers lend the money to the a-holes who wrote the bad mortgages? By the way, I like to take out all of the junk from the envelope and put it in the return envelope and send it back. it doesn't seem to be working though, maybe I should fill it with rocks.

In other stuff, The hedges family went on the annual Hedges family fun day to Frankenmuth. MI to go to the big Christmas store. It is very Clark Griswaldy and we even listened to some Christmas music on the way over. The big score though was at the outlet mall that afternoon. I scored a new cast iron wok which was pretty sweet. This week we are stir frying up a storm!
We are also gearing up for a trip to IL next Sunday. I am looking forward to eating a Pizza Shack and Eckerts Farm. should be somewhat fun but the best part: we are leaving the kids for few extra days. I have been so excited that I cant even figure out what I am going to do for those days. Lay around? watch movies? Start smoking again? Who knows, it is all very over stimulating to think about it.
That's all for now,