Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am still alive. Here are a few things....

quick one today....
New Kathleen Edwards album.  Really good.  "and I sure a shit do love you, and I cuss because I mean it and for that in my heart I am hopeful.  And in the words that I chose I was so careful".  Nice. my new favorite Canadian. Sorry Neil, your yesterdays news.
Spring is still not quite here. I have been out for a few runs pushing the kids in the jogger which is nice. 
The new grill is good.  Made some really good crabcakes the other evening for a small group dinner.  Yum.  found the hotspot on the grill and burned a few though.  
Winter storm warning today???? Are you kidding me????? Allow me to reiterate my sentiments from an earlier blog: You still suck snow come back next year.  I'm moving to Miami.