Thursday, August 20, 2009

So are the days of our lives.......

It has obviously been a long time since I have written anything. That is how I start a lot of blogs apparently. Oh well, My 2 readers haven't really complained. A few things are going on these days.
I am in the middle of my own personal Renaissance. The creative side of me has been rearing its head and I have not only been working on writing music but generally thinking and feeling artistic lately. I have been devouring music like in the days of my youth. Consuming it like a ravenous hyena then scouring itunes and other sources for my next meal. Wilco, Son Volt, Pete Yorn, Mark Olsen, all kinds. I am even approaching the music I am listening to for new church songs with almost the same vigor. It is good. Even the kids are getting into it. I turn on the new Wilco album and they dance like little wild hippies throughout the kitchen and living room.
Speaking of Wilco, Azsure and I are going to see them in Ann Arbor in October. Yay!
I took the kids to the toy store to get some bike helmets the other day. They were quite happy about it. Soijer picked out a Barbie helmet that came with knee and elbow pads. She looks terribly cute and after the first fall with them on, she realized that the protection offered her a whole new carelessness about her safety. She has already fallen so many times that she has rubbed the Barbi stickers off of the knee pads.
I am actually running out of time so I'll leave it at that. a quick update. Back soon