Monday, March 23, 2009

Eleven years of wedded bliss......

Azsure and I celebrated 11 years on Saturday. I cant really even remember who I was before we got married but I'm pretty sure that that guy would have ended up in a lot more trouble. We went out for dinner on Friday night to celebrate and went to Bistro Bella Vita which is my favorite restaurant downtown. It touts itself as "mediterranean country cuisine" but all I know is that its is good and it is fresh. I had the boeuf bourguignon and was awesome. it had lots of squash and potatoes and green beans and brussel sprouts in a yummy wine sauce. Azsure had a rotisserie chicken in a goat cheese fondue and it was really good too though quite rich. I finished it of with the Tiramisu. all yummy. The thing I like about going to Bella vita is that it is inspiring to me as a home cook. I really like to cook but I dont know how to build flavors. I pretty much need a recipe. i dont know if that is a talent thing or a learned thing but I would really like to know how to do it better. i would like to be able to hit the farm stand and just grab some stuff and bring it home and cook something healthy and tasty for me and the fam.
On a related food note, I have become goldfish cracker intolerant. We rarely have stuff like Goldfish crackers in the house but grandma brought a huge tub of them last time she came and I love the things so I have been eating them along with the kids for snacks. Well, i have come to realize, after a few terribly upset stomachs, that its the goldfish crackers. There is no other explanation. It must be the hydrogenated oils or something because my body is rejecting them.
Speaking of snacks, its snack time....

GR Dads on the news

I got a cal the other day from our local Fox affiliate wanting to do a story for the news that very night. Despite the late notice, I rounded up a couple of the dads and we made it out to the park for an interview. It turned out fairly well I thought. Thanks especially to the camera guy who ended up catching up with me elbow deep in Soijer poop out at the car. Or not.

you can see the clip here

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Despite being weary.... I blog....

Its been a pretty tiring last couple of weeks and I haven't had anything too exciting to write about. Azsure started her rehearsal for the Grand Rapids Civic Theater production of "The Foreigner" which keeps her gone from whe she goes to work in the morning until about 10:30pm or so Monday through Thursday and also Sunday nights from 5:15 until we'll see. I've quite a bit of time alone with the kids and it is a little challenging to say the least. The house is pretty much a mess and I have been snacking uncontrollably for the last week, which is fun, but my pants are starting to tighten. Luckily, I found this cool new workout to try starting tomorrow called the UFC fat blasting workout. Anybody who knows me is really havin a laugh right now vbecause I am not what you call Ultimate Fighting Championship material. Not yet at least!!! Check back in a month.
I had one especially fun moment with Soijer this week. I have been sing two Wilco Songs to Soijer every night at bedtime since she was a baby. "Mistunderstood" and "At Least thats what you said". Well, the other night at the appropriate moment during misunderstood , Soijer yells out "cause you still love rock and roll!!" I, of course in response gave her the horns. you know fist in the air, pinky and index finger raised in triumphant rock appreciation. It was a great father daughter moment.
In other news......hmmmm...... The new parenting book I am reading says I have an "authoritarian" approach to parenting. Thanks for that. Luckily, I just bought one of those military style jackets so now I can wear it while I tell the kids to eat their veggies and clean up their toys.
all for now.....