Thursday, November 6, 2008

Welcome to November.....

November is here but the weather would say otherwise. We have been enjoying some warm days this week and have been outside playing. Here are some of the things that have been going on:

The election. WOW! I was pretty happy to see Barack Obama win. Even though I am a registered republican, I went the other way. It seems that having kids had made me more of a liberal. I don't know why exactly, maybe its because the last few year of "compassionate conservatism" have been an complete hoax. People need help. period. Some of them just cant help themselves so the government should. (the libertarian living inside me just had a stroke as I typed that). Anyway, back to the election. Watching the celebration all over the country and the world for that matter made me realize just how historic the election really was. I became a little more emotional than I thought I would seeing grown men with tears in their eyes. It was really unbelievable. America will never be the same. Now, lets see how Barack will do as President. Should be interesting. As one of my old friends put it in a text message Wednesday morning "Barack Obama mother f****r!!!!"
On a related note, realizing that the world is changing, sadly, it is unfortunately the same in some ways. We received a homemade flier in our mailbox a week or so before the election that was pretty racist in tone which started with the headline "Wake up white America!" and proceeded to rant about some completely false quotes from Obama. I was pretty po'ed about the whole thing. I realize that its the world we live in but I really don't need my kids growing up in a area where that kind of crap is floating around. Folks like that need to realize that our culture is becoming more and more diverse and our kids need to learn how to live ad thrive in a world that is getting smaller. Unfortunately, Ephram and Soijer are not going to get that sort of education in this district.
Speaking of warm, I made the snap decision yesterday when t was 70 degrees to get the Christmas lights up on the house. you may think me a Christmas freak, which I am, but I am also the freak who will merely flip a switch the day after thanksgiving instead of braving the cold to get my festive spirit on. Fa la la la la la la la la ........
Lastly, for some reason, there is a strange anomaly going on around my house. I don't know if it has to do with me deserving punishment for something I may have done, or some strange space/time flux, or simply that my kids think I deserve it, but lately anytime the kids throw something, swing something, or just let go of something, it hits me in the crotch. Its not fun. I am constantly protecting myself and as soon as I stop thinking about it, BAM! , hot wheels car to the crotch. Strange. I hope its just a phase.