Wednesday, February 27, 2008

bring on the spring for crying out loud!!

In effort to usher in springtime, I am looking for a new grill. We decided on our cruise that it is time for a meat renaissance in this family. mmmm......meat. It should nicely coincide with the fruit renaissance that I am personally experiencing having eaten an apple, a pear and four bananas yesterday. (that could also be called a fiber renaissance as well). Thats five servings by the way, take that food pyramid! Anywho, its pretty hard to find a grill these days because there are too many options and apparently, I need them all. While I would like to have a 10 foot grill with a marble counter top, fridge, bottle opener, and all the other crap you can get today, I dont need a second mortgage to pay for it. So, I think I have finally decided on the one that is one sale a Sears. That, by the way, is my recommendation: "The one that is one sale at sears" I would also recommend "the one that is on sale at lowe's or home depot" maybe even " the one that is on sale at the gas station"either way you slice it, i am still going to have to dig a foot of snow off of my deck to fire that puppy up. Bon appetit!!
p.s. you suck snow, come back next year.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Well, back to the local farms for Beef....

Yep, that's right, back to Sisters Natural food to get beef from happy, pasture fed cows that are not harassed and tortured before they become my steak. After seeing the footage on the news of the dude pushing the cow around with the fork lift, I was haunted by it every time I passed a fast food joint. I don't exactly know why it matters if my hamburger is tortured before it is killed and chopped up but it does. I wonder if I would have the same reaction if I saw footage of somebody drop-kicking an eggplant? what an ethical dilemma!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday!!!!!!!

Its almost like my own super bowl sunday without the funny commercials. too bad I cant stay up late enough to hear the California results start to trickle in.
Viva la democracia!!!!!