Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I hasnt even been a full month yet!

When you have your own blog that is seen and read by throngs of people, and by throngs i mean, like, 3, you apparently have to keep up with the writing or you get comments like "time to update your blog" (you know who you are) or how bout some new rants.. Well, here it is: the update. A months worth of goings on all packed into a few sweet paragraphs for you, the fans, the curious, the ones waiting for their (ahem) videos to download. (wink wink)
March flew out and I was happy to see it go. Anything that gets me closer to summer weather is a great thing. Azsure plodded away at rehearsal for the play she is in and I plodded away apparently at the comfort food because before I knew it, I had gained five pounds just sitting around bored eating. Never fear though, I am slowly reversing the process and am happy to report that my pants fit again.
Soijer had her 2nd birthday which was fun. we went to Meijer gardens to see the butterfly exhibit and then came home and ate cake. a person from our church made and Elmo cake which was nice. She got some cool toys and Has been fighting with Ephram over them ever since. Happy birthday!
Speaking of Ephram, he is down in Illinois with the grandparents so the Soi-bean and I have been having a little daddy-daughter time this week. it has been fun. We went to home depot and sears to look at refridgerators.
Yes refridgerators. its time for a new one. Its not that our current fridge doesnt work, it does. everything is nice and cool. But the drawers and plastic stuff is all torn up. I did call fridgidaire and another parts place to replace the drawer assembly and the price quote caused me to utter some random explitive and hang up. So me and Soi-sauce have been out this week looking for a shiny new fridge and there are some shiny new ones out there too. So many that I really have no clue what to get. oh well, I'm sure it will all come together soon enough and I will see a day where I can take a pepper out of a drawer without the whole assembly falling out.
Got the new Wilco DVD the other day. Ive watched the first few parts of it and its good. You should check it out. Jeff Tweedy is a strange individual but he's got the rock and roll in him so I approve. On a random music note. I heard "Ballad of the Kingsmen" by Todd Snider the other day come through the ipod random playlist. Man, that guy spends a lot of time with the reefer. Anyway, the watching of Jeff Tweedy and Wilco gave me the inspriation to pull out my old Supro flattop acoustic and give it a play. I hadnt seen the thing in over a year and when I pulled it out, the freakin thing was still in tune and when i strummed the ultimate rock chord (thats open E by the way) It came out like a warm stew. I was comforted and satisfied to say the least. So I immediatly took it upstaris and pledged to learn a new song on it this week which I have already done. "I'll follow you into the dark" by Deathcab for Cutie for those interested. dont ask, I really dont know how Death Cab for Cutie ended up in my music library. Maybe for the very reason to provide a renewed connection to the Supro. The wood on some parts of that guitar is like fresh pasta dough. now I know why willie nelson still plays that guitar that is more hole that wood.
Azsure's show has started and I went to see it on Saturday. It was really good and very funny. she had lost her voice the night before opening but you couldnt tell at all. shes a pro. Seeing her do the creative thing made me almost a little jealous. Seeing the buzz from the live performance and all. I do get to perform every week at church but it doesn't have the same effect as playing a rock show. I guess it's because the decadent element of the rock show is precisely what you are trying to get away from in a worship set. Its like there are two guys inside me battling it out. One wants to be good and the other one wants to booze it up and kick the other guy out on the street. That is probably the innner battle in most people though.
Saw my first wasp the other day so those of you who have followed the blog from the beginning know that it will soon be time to get out the old cans of wasp killer and make the rounds in the yard warning all of the wasps to not make a homestead here lest the be terminated with extreme prejudice.
Holy frijoles!, I have really rambled on for quite a while about some really boring stuff so I will leave you all to ponder my insight. My Wii tennis skill level isnt going to increase itself.