Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer.......yes........sweet summer......

I vowed to not complain about the heat this summer. I have not complained about the heat so far, I have been outside sitting and working and splashing. After the soul sucking winter we just barely made it through, I will never complain about summer heat again while I live in Michigan. The dismal, lack of sun, slushy, dank, blow-your-head-off Michigan winter. Man, it was a long one..... but enough! summer is here and we are gearing up for summer fun. We even created the Hedges family "summer box O' fun" to help in our adventure. We found a small box and covered it with scraps of paper, then covered that in stickers and marker and whatever else we could find. The kids had fun making the box o' fun. (its all about the fun!) I then cut a whole in the top of the box so that a tiny hand could fit in the box of fun. (its all very high tech, you see). Azsure and I then thought of a bunch of fun stuff and wrote it all down on little slips of paper of different colors. pink for general free fun stuff like disc golf, special parks, and downtown adventures, blue for rainy day stuff, like the children's museum, movies, and other inside stuff, then Green for stuff that costs money like: mini golf, splash pads, the zoo, and whatever else that we have to pay for. The kids then get to pick out a random colored slip of paper and we do whatever is on it. Today, Ephram go to pull the first card and he pulled out the "downtown, picture taking alphabet adventure" so we are going to go to Grand Rapids and take picture of all the letters of the alphabet on the buildings. sounds like fun. We shall see. Sometimes the kids are afraid of loud sirens and there are always a lot of ambulances going to the numerous medical centers downtown. Wish us luck.
Ephram is heading to camp with Mimi and Grandpa in Minnesota and will meet Cousin Madeline and Kristin and Randy up there too. He is very excited. While I am a little worried about him being gone for a week, Soijer and I will get to have some Daddy- Daughter time which should be fun. well, the fog is burning off, and my coffee is about gone, so it is time to get this summer o' fun started.
till next time,