Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Black Crowes...

I revisited and old cd the other day. Southern Harmony and Musical Companion by The Black Crowes. Man, talk about one of the best albums of the 90's. The Crowes know how to do it. They know how to present rock and roll the way it should be and the way that made our parents and grand parents think rock and roll came straight from the devil. It just feels decadent.
Whatcha got buried in your back yard? what secret do you sleep with when the black moon comes?
yep. that's it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

a couple of firsts today....

today has been interesting already. I have had a couple of fun occurrences. First, I got up bright and early and fired up the snow blower to blow off the driveway so my wife could get her little tiny car out and go to work. of course at the end of the driveway, as usual, the plow had piled snow so I figured I would dig a trail to the mailbox so that the mail lady could get the car up close enough so she wouldn't have to get out of the car (a collective awww please..). Well, as I happily plowed through throwing huge tubes of wet snow onto the sidewalk, the snow blower seized with a thunk. Hmmm out of gas? nope, further inspection revealed that I had run over the Sunday copy of the Pennasee Globe newspaper and it was all jammed up in the 2nd stage. After yanking for about 20 minutes, it came out but I was almost ready to give up and call the snow blower repair man which is Sears and you know how that would have gone.
Next, Ephram was playing in his room before lunch and I asked him to come in for lunch and to specifically not pull all of the books off his bookshelf again. You can guess what he did. I was quite po'ed and pretty much yelled at him. not one of my better moments. so a few minutes later on the changing table he said he was sorry he made a mess. i told him that it was ok and that I shouldn't have raised my voice at him. he corrected me and said "you yelled at me daddy". I said "you're right and I shouldn't have done that, I'm sorry". He then said "i guess you get to go to the corner and have a time out" I thought for a second and figured, "you know what, he's right" and went and had my first daddy time out. I did not stay there for minutes to age like some books recommend but did it none the less. interesting fun.
I have been stuck in the house going on the second day. Today i rearranged all of the kitchen cabinets and packed up a bunch of glasses that we dint use. please stop snowing.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Taxes yippee!!

unlike a lot of people, i like tax time. once the new year turns, I anxiously await all of the stuff, which reminds me, i need to make my list of w2's, 1098's and other forms that I need before i can do the taxes. it is quite a strange thing because i hate math and have never been very organized. oh well, maybe its my subconscious wanting to stick it to the irs by reporting things that cause me to keep more of our money. it will also be nice because we had another baby this year so we get to keep more of our own money. take that uncle sam!! the more money you want the more babies we'll have to keep your grubby paws off of it!! yehaww!!! uh oh! my tax credit just woke up!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

on whining and complaining

I am getting rid of some of my blogs because i realized that they are of no use to anyone. My main resolution this year is to grow spiritually and the bitching about government or news is not helping anybody. I will still blog about this sort of thing but make an effort to keep my soapbox packed away.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Merry Christmas Happy New Year

I haven't written anything in a while because this is the busy time of year. now that it is over, hopefully, I will be a little better about writing. Christmas was good. my folks came up for the week from Illinois and helped a lot with the kids while Azsure and I were working on Christmas eve stuff at church. The Christmas Eve service went well and the live nativity that Azsure organized went better than we though it would. Apparently any time you have a live baby donkey somewhere, so shall the crowds come to see. Christmas morning was good. Ephram got tons of toys then spent the rest of the day playing with Soijers 1 toy. Our new years eve was fairly tame with our church small group coming over for food and Texas Hold em poker. I did not win.
Now, to the new year. my election excitement has increased ten fold. I normally really pay attention come election time but this year, I stayed away from it until the turn of the new year. XM radio has a new channel called POTUS '08 which brought me up to speed in about 20 minutes on the election goings on.
I'm still working on my resolutions for the year. They have to do with some spiritual growth amongst other things. I actually kept mine from last year and exercised, dropped 15-20 pounds and got my first physical since high school. We will see how the cholesterol levels came out this year when I get another exam.
We are looking forwrd to our 10 year anniversary in march and are taking acruise in feb to celebrate. yeah!! no kids for 6 days!! I should come back fat and tan!
thats all for now.