Sunday, February 19, 2012

Resolution Redo!!

Wow, 2 posts in one day! I am on fire! This should do until next year eh?

Ahhhh....February. Valentines Day. Lincoln's birthday. My birthday. The anniversary of how long my wife and I have been "together". Black history month. How very exciting February is.

If you are a gym person. That is, a person who frequents a gym or health club or whatnot, you have undoubtedly noticed that the treadmills are emptying, Zumba is back to you and those other 5 girls (and that one dude who is awesome), the walkers on the track are again businessfolk on their lunch hour. The super fancy new tracksuits are disappearing. The sad fact is that the resolution group is dwindling and only a few have hung on, forced the habit, and clung to hope of a new life and body or whatever they started with. Now is the best time of year to buy fitness equipment from craigslist.

Anybody need a redo?

I didn't really make any resolutions. I had goals for the year already. I was mid training for a half marathon at the new year and just kept going with what I was doing. Now that the race has past I am off for a couple weeks then I start training for my "A" race for the year. My main goal that I set for the year is The Evergreen International Triathlon, which is an Olympic Distance.

That being said, I am gearing up for some new habits and want to invite anyone who wants to to make some new habits as well. Nothing fancy. you don't have to commit to any triathlons or anything like that. Just connect to give some mutual support. By connect, I mean loosely, on facebook, on twitter, whatever. I'll be posting my workouts and some meals and thoughts and encouragement for any fitness or healthy eating goals you may have. Just follow me on twitter @ahedges if you want.

Here is my new plan, which is mainly food focused because my training plan is already laid out for the Triathlon season. for the record, Here is my training regimen: 3 strength sessions a week. 2 workouts each week in Swim, Bike, and Running. Yes, Its a lot. 9 workouts. Plus the occasional extra bike and run here and there. I will miss some of those, I'm sure.

Here is my food plan. Loosely. Its all trial and error. Right? Breakfast and lunch I am planning on Eggs as my only animal food so aside from that, I am hoping to go veggie for those two meals and reduce my dairy intake as well. I am only doing breakfast and lunch because I am not going to subject my family to my strange diet experiments. I want to reduce my sugar intake drastically. Sweets, hard liquor, refined breads, all that good stuff. This is all pretty extreme, so we'll see how all this turns out. I am trying to increase my energy, lower my stress, and just generally improve through food.

So there it is, written out, mainly for my benefit and some accountability in a public forum. If you want to join me in your own resolution redo, let me know. It helps to have someone to be accountable to. You can send me a private mail or just follow me here or facebook, or twitter. I'm really not some crazy exercise guy or food nazi and am not going to berate anybody about anything. Only encouragement.

I'm starting on February 27. This can be for you all just starting or for people like me who just like to connect and help encourage each other.


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Corey Otis said...

You can do it Andrew!