Sunday, February 19, 2012

Update for crying out loud! Update!!!

Hey! I have a blog. A move to a new city brings new things and reminders of old ones. The blog has been sitting. I hope my two readers haven't perished Here comes the update........

Azsure got a new j.o.b. with her company so we moved from the mitten state to lovely Bloomington, IL. The gem of central Illinois featuring State Farm, Illinois State University and now.....yours truly! We found out in November that we would me moving and we landed in Bloomington the week of Christmas. Fun for all!

We are settled in finally with the kids in school and 98% of the boxes unpacked. (though the moving company has yet to get back to us about picking up the empty boxes so they all sit in my space in the garage). I am getting to know my way around and although I quite miss all of the luxuries of a major metro city, like a real honest to goodness, non-chain restaurant, things are looking up.

I have officially come out of retirement and have returned to full time At-Home Dadhood. No part time work or income of any kind. How is that different than working part time for our former church you ask? Well, its not really. I have, however, found myself a little more focused on the kids without distractions of any kind from work.

I did my first half marathon last weekend in Marion, IL. It was awful. I was apparently the only day in the history of Southern Illinois where temps were in the 20's. I am not a fan of running but did my first season of triathlon last summer and am pretty much hooked on that. Whats the difference? There is something different about running straight off the bike as well as training for 3 sports instead of just 1. I wanted to cover the distance of the half marathon so that I could mentally check off the list that I could cover the distance as I have the inkling of a Half-Ironman distance triathlon for 2013. That is a 1 mile swim, 56 mile bike, followed by a 13.1 mile run. yikes!

Since the half marathon last week, I have been gorging myself with yummy stuff like ice cream and burritos and all kinds of stuff. That comes to and end this week as I prepare my body with lots of veggies and whatnot for triathlon training season which starts next week. but more on that later.

That's all for now. Maybe I can update this another time soon, and probably will.


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